Chicago-born and Australian-raised, 24-year-old pop artist Nina Nevra developed her love for music and songwriting from a young age. As she transitioned from being a classical singer into the pop/soul genre, Nina Nevra drew inspiration from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Jessie J, and Christina Aguilera.

Before moving to the United States, the young musician had already performed on shows such as Australia’s School Spectacular, The Netball World Cup Opening Ceremony (Fox, Foxtel), and The Voice - Australia, where judge Ricky Martin dubbed her "a natural performer and pop star." Now located in Los Angeles, CA, Nina Nevra has fully immersed herself in the music scene from coast to coast. Having performed in cities like Los Angeles, Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia, Nina Nevra's live set boasts of her passion for music and love of her audience.


Nina's new EP Push & Pull brings together snapshots of her talents and influences across the pop spectrum since her move to LA in 2019, saying: “It’s a timepiece that captures my versatility; a part of myself I learned to love in the past year. It’s a reflection on how it’s important to be yourself. The world will adjust.”

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